JX Fireworks


About Us

JX Fireworks Co., Ltd, established in2013, is a company dedicated to the export of credible quality, proven safety as well as reasonable price pyrotechnics articles. Our headquarter is located in Liuyang, the home to fireworks in China. We cooperate with the rich-experienced fireworks manufactures coming from Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. Though we are young,we have “top quality, high efficiency ,customized service” acting as our company’s core culture and spirits,which is strictly followed by our staff and helps us to earn the excellent reputation in international market.Young as our company is,we are vigorous and are always ready for customers. Our products can be divided into two kinds, namely the consumer fireworks and professional fireworks. We are one of the earliest companies complying with CE standards of more than 70 Families. We are also certified to perform batch tests. We have Module E with our own quality system proved by NB-LOM from Spain as well as our own private l...

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